Company History

Our company was established by utilizing the manpower and organization of Nissho Co., Ltd. (the current Sojitz Corporation) after the Okayama branch of Nissho Co., Ltd. was closed.
As described above, we took on the market of Nissho’s Okayama branch and extended our business to sales of machinery, weighing instruments, and pollution prevention equipment. We also obtained construction licenses for machinery and equipment installation, plumbing, water and sewerage facilities, steel structure, electrical work, and telecommunication work in order to actively conduct business with public offices and fulfill their demands.
In January 1971, we moved inside the Okayama Kiko Center commercial complex to cope with upgrading our distribution system. Our motto is to provide first-class products, sales, and engineering to our customers. Specialists are in each department to ensure providing satisfactory service.
In August 2007, we obtained ISO9001 certification. In April 2012, we established affiliates in Thailand and built a new headquarters office in commemoration of the 60th anniversary of the founding of our company.Our business activities have been able to broaden more extensively from local to worldwide.


Message from the President “Masashi Ueno” to everyone.


We introduce company profile, organization chart, access map to each base.


We introduce about past awards.


We introduce our environmental policy.